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Cut branch - welded clay

Cut branch - welded clay






I have always been driven with desire for the straightforward truth of the natural world. Nature, through its time tested procedures reveal material as manifest with a record of time, passion, beauty, transformation and honesty.


Elements of this kind are essential and primordial to humankind. All things are imbued with this composite. To become close to these elements through making art allows me to touch ever so lightly that universal honesty.


-Dennis Lee Mitchell


Analogous Radial  - 44 diameter, colored cast porcelain

Analogous Radial - 44" diameter, colored cast porcelain


I see my work as an investigation of the form that thought takes through an investigation of form itself. This investigation stems from an interest in the structures of both the natural world, our own and how these structures influence the way we think. I have developed a system of forms that I combine in order to examine the relationships and patterns that occur through their formal interaction. This system is derived from three sets of constituent parts. Forms are cast from three sets of colored slips. Saturation of color decreases as the scale increases much in the same way that our understanding dilutes as we consider larger ideas. Color, pattern and texture are used to further delineate individual forms within a set. This construction is currently cast from blue (rectilinear), yellow (arch) and green colored slips (cylindrical).

Placing limits on the system that I use to produce my work allows me to investigate the patterns and models we develop to understand the world we live in. The number of forms in any constituent set allows for a finite yet immense number of possible combinations. These numerical limits influence the development of pattern in basic yet profound ways. For example, a radial pattern derived from one set seems to maintain harmony successfully when it is based on an odd number, and most successfully when that number is prime. A radial pattern that is based on two sets seems most stable when based on an even number. This allows for a balanced structure, and a symmetry that exists at a larger scale. I find this to be profound in its metaphysical implications. It models how complex pattern can arise from just a few variables and how these patterns can be modeled and combined to conform to a multitude of models.