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A real eye opening exhibition! 12 newly acquired Lucero pieces have been donated to Racine Art Museum within the past 18 months by six different families across the US. The arrival of so many works by one artist at the same time allowed the museum to curate a focused exhibition featuring his work. The exhibition highlights Lucero’s career development and aesthetic explorations in ceramics between 1983 and 2007.

Beginning with the simplest techniques of hand-building, pinching, and rolling out forms, Lucero created an enduring affinity between himself and his chosen material that has lasted for over two decades. But Lucero’s maverick vision presented the artist with challenges unlike any he imagined. Lucero was immersed in figuration at a time when Minimalism, performance, and earth art were among the dominant and critically accepted art forms. An ardent admirer of global culture, he often incorporates specific stylistic references to one culture or another into his work, creating complex, hybrid forms. Throughout his career, he was discouraged by many in the art world from describing those interests in his work. But he persevered, and the stunning results of this career-long odyssey are a provocative and enduring body of sculpture that illustrates the fluid, dynamic character of global culture. MORE ON MICHAEL LUCERO

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  1. more on this wonderful show (we saw it 2 weekends ago) may be found at:

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